6/8 Kafe presents Latte/Art – Kevin Leung Chung

From now and until the 19th of September, the walls of the 6/8 play host to a series of pastels and prints from Kevin Leung Chung. His second appearance at the 6/8 features self-portraits, the divine, biblical scenes, the illusion of repetition, nightmare black and whites to serene blurry pastels, aggressive extroversion to reigned in self-awareness.

Chung - "You Have Control Over Me"

Kevin Leung Chung was born and brought up in Hong Kong. He came to the UK on his own in his late teen. After spending two and a half years on a graphic design course at De Montfort University, he left the course without graduating from it. Currently, Kevin works in new product development at a concierge company.

“The thought of having to constantly produce work does not sit well with me. I could go without picking up a pen to draw for weeks. The need to create arises only when a thought or an image becomes so vivid, and needs to detach from me to become a physical being on its own.

Chung - "Self Portrait"

Portrait is my favourite subject. I find emotion and feelings shown through facial expressions are very captivating.”

Come grab one more good summer Cold Brew’s at one of The Independent’s Top 50 Coffee Houses, have a nose at the latest art to adorn our walls.

Chung - "Order"

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