Filter Coffee and Pour Overs

(This is a post for ‘newbies,’ coffee nerds may tune out now.)

Q:What is filter coffee?
A: Filter coffee is coffee made by pouring hot water over ground coffee and through a paper filter (usually, there are other types of filter,) this can either be done by a filter coffee machine or a number of manual ways. Filter coffee is different from an Americano or a Long black – which are made using an espresso machine and by adding espresso to hot water.
Q: What is a Pour over?
A: My standard sound bite response will normally be ‘It’s a manual way of making filter coffee.’ – It is generally the collective term for a number of different ways of manually making filter coffee. An espresso is made by pushing hot water thorough coffee at high pressure, a filter coffee is made allowing water to pass through coffee only under the pressure of gravity,
There are a number of ways of making a ‘pour over.’ At 6/8 and other speciality coffee shops in the city you will be able to try them all.
Over the next few posts we are going to talk about some of them:

The Chemex is a bit of a movie star of pour overs. Designed by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 the Chemex was called ‘one of the best-designed products of modern times’ by Illinois Institute of Technology and features in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The Chemex has also had cameos in film and TV, it can be seen in James Bond – ‘From Russia with Love,’ ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ ‘Friends’ and many more.
Chemex is not just a big hitter in pop culture, it is an excellent coffee brewer, the original and many believe still the best. As with most pour overs the Chemex uses coffee that has been ground coarsely. The Chemex paper filters are some of the best in the business, they are thicker than other filter papers producing a very delicate tasting cup of coffee. At 6/8 we use Chemex white ‘oxygen cleansed’ filter papers.
Next time we will cover another pour over method,
Until then.