Kalita Wave

Kalita is a Japanese glassware company. Their most popular coffee brewer is the Kalita Wave. The Wave is a fairly classic pour-over method but has two distinct differences from most others. The first difference is that the Kalita Wave is a flat bottomed filter – unlike the Chemex – covered last week and the Hario v60 that are both cone shaped filters.

Kalita say that the flat bottomed filter can give a more even extraction than cone filters. The second difference is the wave like rippled edge filter papers – these filter papers are designed to have minimal contact with the brewer it’s self, meaning that water is less able to ‘stick to the sides’ of the brewer, bypassing the ground coffee and ending up straight in the carafe, leading to dilution of the brew. The Kalita Wave is regularly used by the worlds best Baristas in the World Brewers Cup.

The Kalita wave comes in a number of variations with two size of brewer (#155 and #185) and a range of materials – stainless steel, ceramic and glass – these are just the brewers, they resemble a cup with a handle, the carafe is bought separately. There is also a Kalita Wave ‘Style’ that is a brewer and carafe in one.

Over the next few days we are going to post two of our favourite Kalita Wave brewing videos;

The first is a great beginners guide and has a cracking retro sound track that reminds us of when Dawn kisses Tim in ‘The Office.’

The second is a bit more advanced and is suitable for a bit of a geek-sesh, there isn’t even any music. Seriously.