Clever Dripper

The clever dripper is a brewer that has things in common with a number of brewers, but offers it’s own unique package.

Similar to a cafetiere or an Aeropress, the clever dripper is an immersion brewer – meaning that coffee grounds are submerged and steeped in water during the brewing process. Other than this the Clever Dripper is more similar to a traditional pour over method like a Chemex, Kalita Wave or v60, at a chosen point during your brew you end the steeping phase of the brew and begin the ‘draw dawn’ – allowing your steeped coffee to pass through a paper filter – this happens only under the pressure of gravity, once the shut-off valve has been released. (Which happens ‘clererly’ when you place the brewer onto a carafe.)

We don’t often brew with the clever dripper at 6/8, but if you are interested then we would be happy to show you – perhaps on one of our new coffee courses. You can also see it in action at other speciality coffee shops in the city.

Australian Roaster ‘Small Batch Roasting Company’ (not to be confused with Brighton based roasters ‘Small Batch Coffee’ have a nice little video of how to brew with a clever dripper that we will post. It comes with another nice sound track.