It’s Our Birthday and We’ll Cry If We Want To

Five years ago on a cold dark February morning, four people opened the doors to a small independent coffee shop in Birmingham City Centre. None of the people concerned had ever worked in a coffee shop. There was no sign, no food and not even a fridge. Just a coffee machine and a cookie jar.

We would like to thank everybody who helped us on our journey and got us where we are now.

It’s been five years of ups and downs, from constant challenges to national highs.

We would love to celebrate this event with you, whether you have been a customer, a supplier, a staff member, a friendly competitor or even a partner of someone who has worked here.

We wouldn’t have been here without you, so please drop by at Temple Row between 5:00pm and 10:00pm for some live music and great coffee.

Please bring a friend or your partner! For more info, please see below:

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