Coffee Courses

Do you know the difference between a cortado and a piccolo? Would you like to learn a new skill and learn more about coffee? Here at 6/8, we run coffee courses to help you learn how to make the best coffee you’ve ever made!

Coffee Tasting (Cupping)

£10 per person – 30 minutes long

In a coffee cupping session you will learn the coffee tasting techniques used by professionals to evaluate coffee aroma and the flavour profile of a coffee. To understand the minor differences between coffee growing regions, it is important to taste coffee from around the world side ­by ­side.

Home Brewing Beginners (Aeropress and V60)

£30 per person – 1 hour long

Learn how to brew coffee like a pro, be it a pour over: V60, Kalita wave or an Aeropress. You’ll learn how to extract the natural notes from your coffee and most importantly about coffee wastage – make that 250g bag last you!

Home Brewing Masterclass (Chemex and Syphon)

£60 per person – 1 hour long

Lets take coffee brewing to another level with the chemex and the syphon. Extracting crystal clear coffee with the a chemists approach with tools like thermometers, scales, timers and a bunsen burner. Cool, right?

Ultimate Coffee Course (Espresso and Latte Art)

£100 per person – 3 hours long

Want to be one of us? Extract espresso like a barista at 6/8. We will share our knowledge about espresso, coffee machines and grinders, plus you will learn to create latte art on top of the artisan quality espresso.

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